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Forum Members Afternoon Meeting

Friday 28 June 2019

Please arrive promptly at 2pm to sign in. Refreshments available

1. Nicola Upton, CE, Age UK Sutton 2. Ann Crago, Digital Champion

Friday 28 June 2019

1. An interesting talk by Nicola:

Making Sutton a More Age Friendly Place

2. Ann Crago

A helpful introduction to your new website

SSF's new website

At the Forum meeting on 28th June at the Civic Centre, Ann Crago, Web Builder and Editor, will introduce the new website to members in a simple and straightforward way. The main focus will be functionality and benefit.

Why don't you bring your Smartphones, tablets and portable devices so you can experience how to easily navigate your web pages. There will be free Wi-fi available.  

Please note - the sesion is not designed to solve technical issues on your device or digital assistance. Please ensure whatever equipoment you have, it has the capacity to connect to the free Wi-fi and you are able to work it.