NPC - A call to Arms / Over 75's TV licence

The NPC is sending out a Call To Arms over the cruel decision to

axe the over 75s TV licence from 1st August.

Jan Shortt, NPC General Secretary has written a letter to NPC

affiliates detailing the steps they can take to show

how angry they are at having the most vulnerable section of

our society betrayed by the current government.

The letter from Jan can be found in full below and in word format here

Accompanying the letter is a templated letter for you to write to

the Prime Minister here

Further information on TV Licensing can be found here

The recent response from Sir David Clementi Chair of the

BBC Board can be found here

In addition the recent interview done by Jan Shortt on

Talk Radio can be found in mp3 format here

More information about the TV licence campaign

and the NPC is  available on 'In the News section 


It doesn’t take long for the Scammers to take advantage of the vulnerable and profit from the current situation.
The Police have had reports of a SCAM regarding contactfrom the local council to assist with home shopping. Peoplehave had house calls from people with fake council ID's telling
them that there is an outbreak of the disease in their area andthat the council will assist them with any shopping they mayneed to get. They are then asked for a list of items required
and the cash to pay for it.They are then running off with the money. Police have stated that if a individual offers you this service from the council youare to not use them and call the police immediately on 999.


Your Treasurer is accepting your membership renewal for 2020 now.  You can apply for membership here. No payment required till your application is reviewed.  Cheques will be payable to Sutton Seniors' Forum (name in full please)


The Go Sutton bus service that commenced in May 2019 as a one-year trial, is to be extended for a further one-year period.  Currently it is operating 7 days a week from 06.30 until 21.30. Rides cost £3.50 and you can add additional passengers to your ride for £2.00 each.

Stopping points will be around every 200 metres, meaning Sutton residents can get picked up and dropped off just a few minutes from where they want. GoSutton operates in central Sutton - from St. Helier Hospital in the north to Belmont station in the south, Cheam in the west and Wallington/Beddington in the east.

All GoSutton vehicles are wheelchair accessible. 

The new buses will carry fourteen passengers at a time, seven days a week. Passengers can book using the dedicated app or on a normal phone, through an operator. Countdowns to arrival time will also be provided by text message and pick-up is guaranteed within ten minutes of booking.

Have a Freedom Pass? Ride with GoSutton for free by entering your Oyster Card number when you sign up.

You can find out more from here on their website

You can also ride for free if you have an English National Concessionary Travel Scheme pass. Just send us an email at to have your status activated.

You don't have a smartphone? You can still book a GoSutton ride by calling our support centre at 01903 924259 or sending an SMS to 07588 673685 


In 2019, SSF committee wrote to Epsom and St Helier Trust to try and seek an explanation as to why so many older people were discharged from hospital between 11pm and 6am. 

Recently, representatives from Sutton Seniors' Forum, Barry, Joan and Mary had a great meeting with the Director of Urgent and Emergency Care, Deborah Frodsham, to discuss discharges, our new clinical Matron roles and other improvements working together

More details soon on what the outcomes of the meeting were, and what steps or progress has been made to ensure that older people are not discharged from Hospital at inappropriate times.  

Committee Members would also like to hear of any actual examples of where there may have been problems for the patient with their night-time discharge. This information will remain confidential and would only be followed up with the individual’s approval and agreement. If you would like to let us know please click here 


Age UK services are available for every older person, online, at the end of the phone, and in the local community. They can open doors and give everyone a place to turn to.

If you would like information or advice from Age UK, you can get it from here


Do you know that Whirlpool has announced a recall of some of its unmodified tumble dryers sold under its HOTPOINT, INDESIT, CREDA, SWAN AND PROLINE BRANDS?
If you think your machine might be affected, you can check if it needs to be recalled by visiting or by calling 0800 151 0905. If your machine is affected, you will have the choice of a free replacement, a discounted exchange, a refund or the option to have it modified by an engineer. In the meantime, it is important that you UNPLUG AND STOP USING THE TUMBLE DRYER until it has been replaced or modified.


In the US, Police in the anti fraud department have issued a warning about abbreviating the date on written cheques and official documents. It is suggesting that writing the year as, say, 31/01/20, it could easily be corrupted by a scammer by adding a number on the end of 20, for example; 2018, 2015 etc. Although UK police have not issued a warning about this, it might be sensible to take precautions.


Before Christmas in 2019, SSF received a message from the Neonatal Unit at St. Helier Hospital... 

“We would like to express our many thanks for the lovely knitted items so kindly donated to our unit. We really are grateful for the time, hard work and expense that goes into making the items and we know they are very much appreciated by the parents and staff on the unit. Thank you for all your ongoing support”